Did You Crash?

We are here to help!  If you have any questions about the operation of the game or have a tech issue with the app, please do reach out to us at: support@mowmeethegame.com

Need Support ?

App Store Downloads

With so many types of phones on the market, nothing is100% perfect in the Mobile App Space.

We do the best we can with providing the most current version support. There are cutoffs on the Version Software on the respective platforms.

Game Play

There are many variables in the game space. Your type of phone with it's specifications and the type of internet connection you are attached to.

So in many cases issues will be hard to repeat and track down. Please be patient and you can always re-boot.

In-App Purchases

Currently there are no In-App Purchases. If and when they are made available, we will provide support.

Working with both platforms is always a challenge that we welcome.


We are always welcoming feedback on our product and support. Feel free to fire away with what is on your mind that is related to the game and support.

We appreciate our players and their comments to better improve the game and our support.